The best hand in poker is a royal flush ace high, like in the picture to the right.

Now, let’s say that we invite a group of people over to our home to play poker with their life savings. Everything they own. The game starts and everyone has put their life savings on the table and one of the player’s calls. He or she turns over the cars and statesthat they win because they have a royal flush, Ace high. He begins to reach for his winnings. But no so fast says the dealer.

Now, the person running the poker game laughs and states that he wins, turning over his cards to reveal a 2, 4 and 6. The person with the royal flush laughs and states they are not even a matching suit. The person running the poker game says that in his house a 2, 4 and 6 is the best hand. The person with the royal flush states: “you didn’t tell us that you were playing with a different set of rules.” Well, you didn’t ask. You see all the players came and played poker assuming that they were playing with the normal rules of poker. ASSUMING anything is a BIG MISTAKE!

This is what is happening to most people who become involved with the judicial system. The people approach the courts assuming that they are operating a certain way and they are not.

You need to be fully aware that these actors have been playing and rehearsing these courtroom procedures for a very, very long time on a daily basis.

Where, we as the people only appear at these judicial proceedings when we are involved with some form of a legal issue. We need to know the rules in order to play in their sand box.

One analogy that we can give you is this: "Let's say you are asked to play the world champion chess player in one week". Your chances of even surviving against him is nil to none! Why, because if you have never played Chess and don't know the rules of this game, you will lose!!

At David-vs-Goliath.org you will learn the statutory scheme upon which the court operates and you will learn courtroom procedures, the rules of evidence, when to make objections and much more. As a pro se litigant you need to know these courtroom procedures better than the attorneys or judges know them! More importantly you need to know these courtroom procedures and understand how to hold all the players, the plaintiff, the opposing attorney, the judge, and the clerk to them!

Our mission is to help simplify the very complex courtroom experience.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced participate in the legal system we

believe that we can build your confidence in understanding this game. That’s right,

a game! It is a game like any other game with, rules.